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“Technical skills may get you a job but soft skills make or break you as a Manager” 

You can have all the technical expertise in the world, but if you cannot sell your ideas, or turn your work on time, you will get nowhere fast.

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Our facilitators are highly trained in a repertoire of soft skill courses ranging from Personal Effectiveness, Communication and Presentation Skills to Managing and Leading Teams.

Our Brochure presents a broad outline of our major offerings. Our programsare well researched, rich in content, highly interactive and matched with best in class training delivery. They are customized to your requirement and are based on the principles of accelerated learning emphasizing on application of learning in day-to-day jobs.

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Personal Effectiveness -BEST SELLER

  • Develop your level of emotional intelligence
  • Identify negative consequences of unmanaged emotions on your personal effectiveness.
  •  Describe the importance of emotional intelligence to building good relationships 
  • Increase your empathy and social skills.
  • Practice techniques to achieve greater self-awareness, self-control, and self-motivation.
  • Understand how emotional intelligence can be applied at the workplace to enhance employee relationships and increase productivity. 

Communication Skills

  • Identify the characteristics of assertive behavior, and include them in your interactions.
  • Learn to manage conflicts to achieve productive outcomes by improving your communication skills. 
  • Manage conflicts to achieve productive outcomes.
  • Adopt tools for effective communication and investigate different styles of communicating.
  • Develop a communication action plan based on the tools learned in the session and devise conflict-resolution strategies. 

Presentation Skills

Our Objective: Close sales by selling essential presentation solutions and overcome objections

  • Improve your current levels of Presentation Skills. Become a confident and compelling public speaker
  • Learn how to deliver great presentations by communicating effectively with the right delivery,content and slides
  • Communicate complex ideas successfully 
  • Cope with the fear within
  • Creating effective presentation visuals by selecting the best format for your audience
  • Learning to avoid common presentation mistakes.

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