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What do we offer?

Coaching is becoming extremely popular these days, primarily because its impact is greater and everlasting than training or mentoring. It essentially raises the level of awareness of the client and engages him in a process of self-discovery to help him or her reach their goals and overcome their life’s obstacles faster than any other technique like counselling, mentoring or training.

At People Sculptors, we believe that our clients have answers to all of their life’s problems, predicaments and anxieties that they face. We only need to engage effectively with the client by actively listening and powerful probing to help our clients discover for themselves the solutions and to hold only themselves accountable for their actions and efforts.

How do we do it?

Our foundation is a discovery process to get in touch with your values as well as your life purpose, and an understanding of what we are capable of doing effortlessly. We believe that alignment of our feelings, thoughts and actions with our value systems and our core strengths help us in bringing a clarity of the way we look at life. Combined with our quest for meaning and life’s purpose, we can pursue our dreams, aspirations and goals with laser like focus and abundant energy.

In many ways we combine the practices of life coaching and leadership coaching. The net result is that we are best placed to help you maximize your full potential and lead a fulfilling life. We have coached executives from a range of industries from infrastructure to chemicals and Information Technology industry with great satisfaction.

We understand.

As someone who has gone through the grind of the ‘Corporate’ world for over 25 years, we would be able to quickly understand your dilemmas, frustrations, dreams, aspirations and the ground realities that you face day-to-day. Our maturity and understanding of the complexities of the leadership challenge in the corporate world would help to build a great rapport, trust and credibility with business leaders and other executives; essential ingredients of a great coach-coachee relationship.​

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